Athens-Area Libertarians Support Pro-Liberty Sheriff Scott Berry

Athens, Georgia – The Athens-Area Libertarian Party today announced their full support for Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry and his pro-liberty stance regarding second amendment rights.

When Dana Safety Supply in Sugar Hill, Georgia, announced on December 26th that they would no longer sell semi-automatic weapons to the general public, instead reserving those items only for “law enforcement,” Sheriff Berry made the decision to notify them that his agency would no longer seek bids from or purchase equipment from the company.

“At a time when the second amendment seems to be under assault from so many of those who took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, it Is refreshing to find a dedicated public servant who takes that oath seriously,” said Maurice Cobbs, Chairman of the Athens Area Libertarians..  “By all accounts, Sheriff Berry has been exemplary in the service and protection of the people of Oconee County, and this decision to make a public stand in favor of individual liberty is really a breath of fresh air in the current climate.”

“The Athens-Area Libertarians certainly recognize the free-market right of a private business to decide who it will sell its goods to, and under what circumstances.   But Sheriff Berry’s stance, and the tremendous outpouring of support that has followed from the community, is very heartening.  In times of national tragedy, there is always an element in government that wants to use a crisis to steal essential freedoms.  We’ve seen it happen time and time again, especially in recent years, with things like the PATRIOT Act, the NDAA provisions that authorize indefinite detention of American citizens and warrantless spying, the current administration’s ‘disposition matrix’…  It seems that the response to any crisis these days is ‘less freedom.’   So it’s good to have a public official acknowledge that less freedom for law-abiding citizens isn’t always the answer.  I hope that other public officials follow this example.”

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Contact: Maurice Cobbs, Chairman – Athens Area Libertarians

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