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AJC Critique

AJC Screen Grab

Okay, so I wrote a complaint about this, but it sounded like an Andy Rooney rant. So I’ll just say this in what will likely become an ongoing series of screen grabs, blog posts, and the great quote from Zoolander, “Doesn’t anyone notice this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills”

Yesterday was Qualifying Day at the Gold Dome. Debbie Dooley of Atlanta Tea Party fame filed vowed to run against Don (we need a good nickname for him that we’d insert here) Balfour if Clay Cox decides not to run, which he did*. Pretty big deal right? Or as Joe Biden might say a “BFD”. Notice anything in the screen grab above? Yeah, not a single story “above the fold” on the AJC site about qualifying.

*Correction: Apparently I made up Debbie Dooley actually qualifying, she merely said she would if…