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Congressman Bishop Stands Up for Voting Rights

Georgia Congressman Sanford BishopWASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (GA-02) committed to supporting voters throughout Georgia and across the country by serving as an original co-sponsor to H.R. 12, the Voter Empowerment Act of 2015. The bill would extend greater access to citizens at the ballot box, and would more effectively protect voter rights.

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DPG Chair DuBose Porter Issues Statement on Winter Storm

Georgia Democrats

DPG Chair DuBose Porter Issues Statement on Winter Storm

Porter calls Nathan Deal’s response “unacceptable”

Dublin, GA – Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issued the following remarks in response to Georgia’s recent snow storm.

“First, our thoughts and prayers are with the men, women, and children who still haven’t made it home. I also want to commend Georgia’s first responders, teachers, and unexpected guardian angels who have demonstrated the strength of community in our state,” said Chairman Porter.

While the Chairman lauded the extraordinary acts of Georgia citizens, he also addressed the anger expressed by many.

“People are furious, and rightfully so. This is as big and bad a dumpster fire I’ve seen. Deal’s lack of leadership to manage GDOT’s resources and subsequent failure to competently respond to the aftermath of the storm is appalling.” Continue reading “DPG Chair DuBose Porter Issues Statement on Winter Storm” »

New Democratic Website: Voting Rights Matter

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To mark the 48th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Democrats have launched This new microsite tells the story of the fight for voting rights, connecting the historic struggle to what’s happening today. The timeline begins with the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the 15th amendment, then continues to women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement all the way up to the Supreme Court’s recent decision.

While the Voting Rights Act was a major step forward in protecting and expanding access to the ballot, the Supreme Court’s decision to rule parts of the law unconstitutional opened the door for Republican state legislatures to pass harmful obstructive legislation. After only one month, eleven Republican-controlled states are taking steps to make it harder to cast a vote.

President Obama, Democratic lawmakers, Democratic governors, and Georgia Democrats are working to combat these actions and fight these restrictive laws. From creating the new Commission on Electoral Administration to drafting and signing legislation into law that expands access to the polls and protects to the right to vote, Democrats are working to live up to the potential laid out in the Voting Rights Act. The timeline on the new website finishes with an opportunity to sign up to join the fight to protect voting rights—we need your help!

Representative Ed Lindsey Out of Line

Young Democrats of Georgia


Young Democrats of Georgia Urge House Republican Caucus to Re-think Strategy

The Young Democrats of Georgia wish to issue the following statement regarding Rep. Ed Lindsey’s (R-Atlanta) unprecedented actions today against the Georgia House Democratic Caucus:

“The actions taken today by the Georgia House Majority Whip Ed Lindsey (R-Atlanta) in tabling several pieces of already passed local legislation sponsored by Georgia House Democrats demonstrates a complete lack of regard for our legislative process. House Republicans rejected Rep. Lindsey’s bill (HB 541) last week and in retribution, Lindsey took out his frustration on House Democrats along with cities and counties who rely on the state legislature to pass critical local legislation.

Counties and municipalities who had already seen their bills pass through the House saw that success stripped from them today because Rep. Lindsey had a tantrum over the fact that he failed to whip up enough votes for his bill to pass. His actions were petty, childish, and can only be seen as an unnecessary attack by a representative who has yet to rationalize why members of his own party didn’t like his bill.”