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New Feature: Your Public Official of the Week

I’m not sure how this is going to go, and suggestions are always welcome. The idea is to point out an official who you may not be aware of, although obviously That’s Just Peachy readers are some of the most informed out there. I happened to see Chuck Eaton out at the Atlanta Food Truck Park and pointed him out to my roommate and also to my girlfriend. They had no idea who he was (sorry if I’m bursting your bubble here Chuck). Thus the idea for this post was born. And since Mr. Eaton was the inspiration, he’ll be our first edition. We’ll probably do this once a week, or at least that’s the plan.

Another part of this idea is how much focus the national scene may get, while local politics often gets the short end of the cable news era stick. As my roommate commented upon seeing Chuck Eaton, everyone knows who Joe Biden is, but what has he really done for you? Chuck Eaton, along with the rest of the Public Service Commission, just lowered your electricity rates by an average of $8 a month. This is not to say that the Federal level is not important. It most certainly is. Whether you agree with it or not, the still recent passage of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, will definitely affect your everyday life. Too often though, we focus on what is really nothing but drama in D.C. Meanwhile, certain legislators in Georgia are requesting reimbursement for mileage to and from the Capitol when it was known they are out of town.

Share this with your friends, your neighbors, your neighbor’s kids, your neighbor’s kids’ friends. Our focus should be local issues, while keeping a watchful eye on Washington and the 15 gentlemen who represent us there.

Without further ado: POW (Public Official of the Week)

Chuck Eaton was elected to the Public Service Commission in 2006. Breaking the mold of most office holders in Georgia, he has a degree from…the University of Alabama. But don’t hold that against him. His political experience goes back to serving as Deputy Campaign Manager for longtime Illinois Rep. Phil Crane in 1992. Not included in his Official PSC website bio is this little tidbit: Eaton was a student in a comedy class in 2007. You can find the video of his graduation at the Punchline here.

Chuck is a Republican and says his number one goal is implementing energy policy that will attract jobs to Georgia. He feels that a lot of folks underestimate the impact of increased environmental regulation compliance on increasing energy costs. Chuck isn’t blind though to the situation facing America and our dependence on expensive gasoline, touting the benefits of electric cars and how the PSC is working to help consumers “make the transition from gasoline-powered
vehicles to electric vehicles”
. Georgia Trend sat down with Mr. Eaton in 2008 when he was serving a year-term as the Chairman of the commission. The relatively long Q & A is worth a read. They discuss the workings of the Commission, who they regulate, different energy sources and their uses, and the future of power in Georgia. Continue reading “New Feature: Your Public Official of the Week” »