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Georgia PSC Members Applaud General Assembly for Solar Bill

Georgia Public Service CommissionFor Immediate Release: March 28, 2013 Commissioners Lauren “Bubba” McDonald, Tim Echols, Doug Everett (800) 282-5813;

ATLANTA – Today, members of the Georgia Public Service Commission thanked the General Assembly for introducing a bill that would create more solar energy opportunities throughout the state.

Commissioners Tim Echols and Lauren “Bubba” McDonald said the legislation sends a strong signal to voters that legislators stand ready to open new doors for the solar industry and create economic opportunities for rural Georgia.

“I’m excited to see all that the General Assembly is considering with solar,” Commissioner Echols said. “We want to make sure we are finding new ways to bring renewable energy to Georgia. As a conservative and as a Republican, I want to see downward pressure on energy rates.” Continue reading “Georgia PSC Members Applaud General Assembly for Solar Bill” »

A Conservative Argument for Solar Power

The following was sent from the Chuck Eaton for PSC Campaign. In the interests of the educated voter, we have linked to columns from both Mr. Eaton and his opponent, Steve Oppenheimer. Mr. Oppenheimer’s column can be found here.

Solar energy has become a polarizing ideological debate, with many on the left treating it as a religious crusade, while many of us on the right believe it’s a boondoggle designed to favor Obama supporters.

The bad name solar energy has in Republican and conservative circles is based on the way it’s been over-hyped and oversold by the left and, in some cases, by those with a financial interest in the technology.

In Republican politics, solar energy is synonymous with failed big government policies, in part because of money schemes like Solyndra and taxpayer-subsidized automobiles.

I believe that solar technology is not inherently liberal; it’s the way in which it is implemented that marks solar programs as liberal or conservative. Continue reading “A Conservative Argument for Solar Power” »

You can’t even buy transparency on the Georgia PSC

The following is a press release sent from the Steve Oppenheimer for PSC campaign.  In the interests of the educated voter, we have linked to columns from both Mr. Oppenheimer and his opponent, current PSC Commissioner Chuck Eaton. Mr. Eaton’s column can be found here.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but if I pay to get something done, I assume I have the freedom to check up on the work or at least see evidence of it. Georgia taxpayers are funding a multi-million dollar state agency with 54 full time employees, so it seems like we should have access to the work our money is producing. But this is not the case with the current Georgia Public Service Commission.

The PSC is probably one of the most powerful state agencies because it regulates our utility rates, energy production and Georgia’s vision for our energy future –– including the vital issue of energy independence, and most people know nothing about it.

The few Georgians who do know about the commission and try to find out what they have done in our names and with our money –– by asking to see transcripts of meetings, for example –– are faced with a daunting operational and financial brick wall.

There is no transparency at the PSC, and that’s just not right. Continue reading “You can’t even buy transparency on the Georgia PSC” »