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Chambliss, Woodall Call for FairTax Consideration

Chambliss, Woodall Call for FairTax Consideration

Send letter to Joint Committee on Taxation

WASHINGTON- Today, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., and U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall, R-Ga-7, asked the Joint Committee on Taxation to produce a revenue estimate of H.R. 25 and S. 13, the FairTax bill. This estimate will allow the FairTax to be considered during congressional negotiations for tax reform.

Chambliss and Woodall have long urged Congress to support the FairTax legislation, which would implement a simpler, less-cumbersome tax code. Chambliss and Woodall have sponsored legislation in both the House and the Senate. Continue reading “Chambliss, Woodall Call for FairTax Consideration” »

Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform

Georgia Alliance for Ethics ReformThoughts in not a very particular order on the Common Cause-led Georgia  Alliance for Ethics Reform meeting.

William Perry of Common Cause Georgia fame kicked off the meeting by stressing the non-partisan or bi-partisan nature of the Alliance for Ethics Reform. After a brief rundown on what happened in the last session after Common Cause introduced the lobbyist gift cap pledge, Perry introduced some representatives from the other groups present who are also involved in the Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform. Kelly Persons from the League of Women Voters and Karla Johnson from Georgia Watch both gave a rundown from their organizations. Although unable to attend, the Georgia Tea Party Patriots and Georgia Conservatives in Action groups are also involved with the Alliance.

This meeting was the last of 9 pre-session meetings that the Alliance is holding to review where we’ve come from and what the hopes are going forward.

Common Cause and the hope for the gift cap pledge was supported by Reps. Jason Carter and the aforementioned McKoon from the very beginning. In the last session, the ethics bills that were introduced languished in both the Senate and the House. Speaker Ralston sent it straight to the Rules Committee, also known as where bills go to die. The same thing happened in the Senate. Perry stressed that the marquee issue is the gift cap, but they hope to be able to go beyond that and improve ethics across the board for reporting and investigating. Continue reading “Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform” »

No Labels

Procedural, Not Ideological

Last night I attended an event at Manuel’s Tavern put on by the group No Labels. Before you roll your eyes, please follow along. I’ll try to keep it relatively short. There are a million political action groups out there. Many of which call themselves non-partisan but are clearly an attempt to backdoor in some ideology. No Labels is not that.

At the beginning of the meeting, Local Events Chair Derek van Dam laid out the main aim of No Labels. The gist of the group is “12 Ways to Make Congress Work”. And here is what makes No Labels different. They are not trying to push some ideology. No Labels focuses on the process, not political positions.
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