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UGA should not defend “speech zones”

Phil Kent media consultant & panelist on WAGA-TV Fox5's "The Georgia Gang"UGA should not defend “speech zones”

By Phil Kent

When I was a journalism major at the University of Georgia and active in politics, students could put up literature tables just about anywhere, assemble just about anywhere and speak just about anywhere if you belonged to a registered campus group. Not so today.

The virus of left-wing political correctness has infected my beloved alma mater.

UGA has been enforcing rules that restrict students’ constitutional First Amendment speech rights to an area that accounts for one percent of the Athens campus. Incredibly, it has designated two “speech zones” in two campus plazas where students can speak or protest without prior approval. Any other demonstration must be approved by the administration 48 hours in advance.

This should not stand— nor, I predict, will it. Continue reading “UGA should not defend “speech zones”” »