How to spend $400 MILL? Give it to a billionaire

Who really ever liked it anyway?

If I keep doing this whole “blogging” thing, eventually I will no doubt cover the urine-poor economics of sports stadiums and even Super Bowls. For now however, I thought I’d throw another pitch out for the greatest Facebook page of all the awkwardly-named sports stadiums/ corporate welfare pages in existence.
Save Falcon’s Habitat – Keep the Dome

There you’ll find links to columns such as this most recent one from Charlie Harper, Your Reverse Charitable Gift to Billionaire Arthur Blank. You’ll also find commentary and stories from economists in both the public and private sector discussing the unfortunate public-funding of stadiums.

In today’s edition of That’s Just Peachy, there is a story from Maria Saporta about the need for Atlanta to pass the MOST (Municipal Option Sales Tax). There is also a plethora, not of pinatas, but of TSPLOST related stories. From the president of Progressive Redevelopment comes a piece about how the TSPLOST is a defining moment for metro Atlanta. The DeKalb NAACP is pushing for rejection of the TSPLOST because the project list doesn’t extend MARTA out to Stonecrest Mall.

In short, between much-needed sewer and water upgrades, a dire transportation situation, not to mention the ongoing pension-funding problems, Atlanta has some significant issues that will require significant monies.

None of these include giving a billionaire $400 MILL for a new stadium that’s totally unnecessary. Unfortunately, besides the aforementioned Mssr. Harper, and the occassional piece from Kyle Wingfield there are not many folks in Atlanta that seem to be discussing this unforutnate misuse of taxpayer dollars. Write, email, call your local media guy. Write, email, call your local mayor’s office.

But perhaps most importantly, get educated and spread the word by joining that most fantastic of Facebook pages at Save Falcons Habitat – Keep the Dome.

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