All the peaches have been harvested. The jam has
been made and the jars are in the pantry. Many
years ago, a news junkie that just wanted more
folks to know about the great things going on in the
great state of Georgia set out to share some news
from across the state. Thatís Just Peachy
connected me with readers and leaders from across
the state on a host of issues.

Your humble editor has begun a new
position with the Archway Partnership at the
University of Georgia. Iíll be traveling around
the state, reporting on economic development
related projects in their programs in several
counties. Archway has programs in 8 counties
currently, along with several alumni chapters.
I may be in Grady County one week and Hart County
the next.

This work will keep me busy both writing and on
the road. Iíll have to hit the pause button on
Thatís Just Peachy for a while. I hope to be able
to bring it back in some form in the future but am
unsure what that may look like. In the meantime,
thanks for your loyal readership over the years
and keep your eyes peeled for stories from