AFP GA Releases 2011-2012 GA General Assembly Score Card

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AFP GA Releases 2011-2012 GA General Assembly Score Card

Here’s the report card. See if your legislator(s) received an “F” or an “A” letter grade! Click HERE to download the full 2011-2012 Americans For Prosperity Georgia General Assembly Score Card. This handy trifold reference also scores all 13 Georgia Congressman on a variety of AFP GA issues and all of the Georgia General Assembly on key votes related to AFP GA member issues during the 2011-2012 session.


AFP-GA Releases Georgia General Assembly & Congressional Scorecard
Georgia’s Premiere Economic Freedom Advocacy Group Grades Legislators

The Georgia chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the state’s premiere advocate for economic freedom, today released its 2011-2012 Georgia General Assembly Legislative Scorecard. The document scores all 180 State House Representatives and 56 State Senators on key votes on economic freedom and prosperity. The document also scores Georgia’s entire Congressional delegation.

“Americans for Prosperity is pleased to provide this snapshot view of where legislators have stood on key issues affecting Georgians’ prosperity,” said Virginia Galloway, State Director of AFP-GA. “This guide is one important way that taxpayers can become educated and engaged in important policies affecting their everyday lives.”

State legislators are scored on 12 separate pieces of legislation including Zero Based Budgeting (SB 33), Student Scholarships (HB 325), Revenue & Tax Relief Act (HB 386), GA Government Accountability Act (HB 456), the State Charter School Commission (HB 797) and the Charter School Constitutional Amendment (HR 1162), among others. Congressional scores were determined by AFP’s national policy office. Letter grade equivalents are listed between A+ and an F.  Click here to view the scorecard.

AFP has over 50,000 members in Georgia who work as citizen lobbyists writing op-editorials, staging rallies, canvassing, and leading local watchdog groups.

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