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Forwarding this email to me on in blog form since I believe in this so strongly. 
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Dear Baker,

Yesterday we began the 60 day countdown for Common Cause Georgia to collect 35,000 signatures to allow City of Atlanta voters to vote on public funding of the proposed Billion Dollar Stadium.
Due to the overwhelming response from citizens who live outside Atlanta, we have created on online petition that allows you to sign and send a message to Mayor Reed telling him you are in favor of holding a referendum on stadium funding.

Though this online form does not help us reach our 35,000 signature goal, it will allow non-residents and those unable to sign the physical petition the chance to put pressure on the City and raise up their voices on this issue.

In addition to signing the online petition, we need your help in other ways.

Here’s what you can do:
1) If you are a City of Atlanta resident, contact us about signing the official petition –  Call us at 404-524-4598 or email


2) Volunteer to help us collect signatures of Atlanta voters – visit for more information.


3) Contribute to help us succeed –
I hope you will help us by doing one, or all of the above!  If you would like to learn more about the issue, visit


William Perry
Executive Director


Common Cause Georgia – 100 Edgewood Ave NE, Suite 1275, Atlanta, GA 30303 – 404-524-4598


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