Georgia Conservancy Releases Annual Impact Report

 Continuing the “green” theme from this week, the Georgia Conservancy released its annual impact report this week. Fresh off naming Governor Deal as the state’s Distinguished Conservationist at their major fundraiser in October, the report is a breakdown of what the group has accomplished over the last year and what’s ahead.

Robert Ramsay, president of the Georgia Conservancy, opened the report with a note about a peculiar natural event that attracted the attention of millions of people. “For one day in August 2017 it seemed like the entire nation descended upon a narrow strip of America from coast to coast to experience a once-in-a-generation opportunity. A total solar eclipse brought together millions of strangers to witness one of the planet’s greatest natural phenomena. As I sat watching the jaw-dropping solar eclipse in my hometown of Toccoa, Georgia, it was a reminder of the beautiful power of the natural world to bring together people from all walks of life and from all political persuasions,” said Ramsay.

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