Jobs and Immigration: Most Georgians Pro-Enforcement

(We’re about ten days late on getting this one up but considering the DHS funding debate and its ties to President Obama’s immigration executive action, it remains very relevant)

New opinion poll: The statewide outlook from Georgia voters

The Dustin Inman Society (DIS)
Twitter- @DAKDIS

The Dustin Inman Society today released the results a survey of Georgia general election voters on the subject of jobs and immigration. The survey, conducted on February 10-11, 2015 for the Dustin Inman Society by Rosetta Stone Communications, sampled 743 Georgia registered voters and has been weighted for age, gender & race.

“We asked clear, straightforward questions on the topic of jobs, immigration and enforcement that reflect the real world and offered genuine, commonsense choices. While likely not surprising to most working Americans, the margins in the responses should be regarded as guidance to elected officials that most of the people can’t be fooled most of the time. The majority of Georgians comprehend the connection of employment and wages to the importation of large numbers of foreign workers and incrementally deferring to legally dubious executive amnesty decrees from Barack Obama” said D.A. King, president of the DIS.


A combined 71% of Georgia voters rated the job market in the United States “fair” or “poor.” Republican voters were the most pessimistic about the job market in our survey. Almost 50% of the Republican voters sampled rated the job market as “poor.”

When asked specifically about future jobs in their home state of Georgia, 80% of the voters preferred Americans or legal immigrant residents were hired verses 10% who preferred that illegal aliens or new legal immigrants get the jobs. Georgia voters also preferred by a margin of 62%-20% enforcement of current immigration laws to legalizing illegals. The practice of allowing illegal aliens to obtain a valid Georgia Drivers’ license and/or identification card was also asked in the survey. By a margin of 64%-21%, voters approved of proposed legislation (SB 6) that would end the practice of issuing these forms of official ID from the State of Georgia to residents without legal status.

“While the state delegation in Washington is notably inaudible on the relationship of jobs to immigration, the Republican-controlled Georgia legislature is allowing driver’s licenses to go to illegal aliens – a practice that does not happen in Mexico. Because of a lack of space and funding, we did not ask voters if they would have voted last November for a state candidate who made a campaign promise to insure that process continues – or if they would re-elect a politician who declined to help end the practice.”  King added.

This survey has a margin of error of 3.5% – crosstabs can be viewed on the DIS blog page

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