Legislative Update Week 4 – via Rep. Buzz Brockway

(The following is an email update directly from Buzz Brockway)

Another week came and went at the Capitol. The Legislative process, as they say, is akin to making sausage, and the sausage machine takes time to get going.  Committees have been meeting to get organized and adopt Rules.  This coming week, many Committees will begin meeting to work on Legislation.  The House Committee meeting schedule can be found here.  All House Committee meetings are streamed over the internet so you can watch them at home or work.

Tomorrow the full House or Representatives will vote on the first bill of the session.  House Bill 57 would allow people to finance the purchase of solar panels for their homes or businesses.  Rep. Mike Dudgeon has worked hard to bring the traditional power companies and the solar power advocates into agreement on this bill.  I’m happy to be one of the co-sponsors of this legislation and will vote in favor of it tomorrow.

As most of you are aware, every bill introduced must go through the House Committee on Rules before being voted on by the full House of Representatives.  This committee gives each bill a final hearing.  The list of bills that have passed the various House Committees and are available for consideration by the Committee on Rules can be found on the General Calendar.  Bills approved by the Committee on Rules and sent to the full House for a vote can be found on the Rules Calendar.  Both of these Calendars are updated daily and can be found here.

This past week I introduced two pieces of Legislation. House Bill 240 would require that at least two members of the Board of the Department of Community Health be members of the state Employee’s Retirement System and the state Teacher’s Retirement System.  The bill would also create an unpaid advisory board of members of the state health benefit plan to advise to advise the Department of Community Health board on matters relating to the state health benefit plan.  You may recall that last year the Department of Community Health made changes to the state health benefit plan that limited the health insurance choices for state employees.  We should be offering more health insurances choices, not less.  I hope that by giving state employees and retirees a seat at the table, mistakes like the one that happened last year will not happen again.

House Resolution 106 urges Congress to keep it’s promise to the states in the western United States and convey the federal lands to those states.  After meeting and talking to several state Legislators from that part of the country, I came to realize what a problem this is for those states. States like Nevada and Utah have over 70% of their territory controlled by the federal government. Some may wonder how this benefits our district. My feeling is that states need to stand together when we see areas of federal overreach. We should stand on this issue with the western states and I’m sure when we are dealing with an issue of federal overreach, many Legislators on the western states will stand with us.

I am working on two other bills and will give you the details when I introduce them.

Picture of the week:  Rep. Joyce Chandler (R-Grayson) recognizes Stacey Miller of Roberts Elementary School (which is actually in House district 102).  Mrs. Miller was named 2014 School Counselor of the year.


It’s an honor to be your State Representative.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact information below, and if you are coming to Atlanta for any reason, feel free to come by the Capitol and visit me.

Buzz Brockway
Representative, State House District 102
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Atlanta, Georgia 30334
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