About the Roundtable

At That’s Just Peachy, we hope to provide a place for viewpoints on vital issues from across the state of Georgia. We hope to encourage at least a bipartisan (ahh..the horror) awareness of these issues. It would be very easy — and perhaps more popular — to pick a side and run with it, but at TJP we really believe that both sides should at least know and hopefully understand what the other is thinking and where they are coming from. The internet is overrun with “echo chambers” of ideology and these certainly have their place, but perhaps this might be one place to delve into both sides a little deeper.

The Roundtable will serve as a sort of archive for Baker’s articles on Insider Advantage. Also, press releases will be posted from anyone smart enough to send them into That’s Just Peachy. Guest contributors for opinions may include politicians, business types, professors, retirees: a contributor could be anyone. If you know someone who might be able to bring some weight to an issue, please pass their name along.

Comments from readers are also allowed but will be strictly monitored for relevance and constructive nature. The groups sending in their info and the people writing here deserve a respectful debate that focuses on the issue at hand. You will not find a “Blogroll” here. Thats what That’s Just Peachy is for. The Roundtable is meant to be a focused, thorough discussion of the issues by the oft-talked about “decision makers” themselves.

If you have questions or suggestions for the editor, please email baker@thatsjustpeachy.com


  1. Well, I see I’m almost two years late commenting on this article, but I’m just seeing it for the first time. The article describes an admirable goal that I can only imagine will be great for Georgia, and great for us citizens who empower ourselves to participate….in ways that aren’t as divisive as most political conversations tend to devolve into. I hope I can contribute to this type of focus.

  2. paleocon says:

    Congressman Gingrey’s voting record on spending should be explored. I’ve heard he is most proud of his vote for Part D Medicare. The prescription drug plan will play a big role in bankrupting our country. Let’s put a microscope to his spending record. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

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